Now it’s time to start implementing your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Using Facebook to Appeal to Your Target Audience

According to Digital Buzz’s latest Facebook stats, “With over 500 million users, Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 million of them (over 50%) who log in every day.”

If your Target Audience is on Facebook, you need to get their attention on your Page so you can share your expertise with them. The longer a member of your Target Audience stays on your Page, the more likely they are to click around and find out more about you and how you can serve them — or who they might refer you to.

Getting Your Target Audience to Your Facebook Page

1) You want to be the place on Facebook where people who NEED your services — your Target Audience — are coming to get information, entertainment, and build relationships. While they’re being fed on your Facebook Page, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with them and get information to them about your Services.

2) Every time you post something of interest to your Target Audience on your Facebook Page, alert your followers on other Social Media Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, using a short link like so you can track click-throughs, and tweaking your headlines and “sharing times” to see what works best to drive traffic to your Page.

Your goal is to get your Target Audience to comment on your wall, to increase your EdgeRank for those Fans. If a Fan comments on your Page, your EdgeRank with them is increased, which increases the likelihood that other updates from you will show up in their News Feed. Fans who “Like” your updates are fine, too, but that doesn’t spark engagement from other Fans, so it’s not quite enough.

Go For the Gold: Comments on Your Facebook Page

Here are a few things I do to invite comments and make our Facebook Page interesting for our Target Audience, and for people who work with our Target Audience (and will refer us). I’ve linked to actual examples on my own Facebook Page:

1) Use the new Questions feature on Facebook. Think of a question your Target Audience might be interested in talking about, add a few multiple choice answers, and leave options for your fans to fill in their own. Push the question out on your other Social Media Profiles, with a short link back to the Facebook question. (Note: you can ask specific Friends from your Personal Profile to answer the Question. The more people answering a Question, the more interesting it is to others.)

2) Post a link to an article or video that would be of interest to your Target Audience, and  that ties in somehow with your services. Ask a question that doesn’t necessitate the article being read. A good question, posed in such a way that Fans can either read the article or not before answering the question, is more likely to get comments. Use your other Social Media Profiles to point people back to your Page, with a teaser about the question you’ve asked and the article you’ve shared.

3) Share tips for your Target Audience that will help them in some way, and that show YOUR knowledge and expertise about your field and industry. If possible, don’t use links to anyone else’s articles or videos — use your own. Otherwise you’re just pointing your Target Audience toward other providers. Again, if you can ask your Fans a question related to what you share, you’ll drive engagement on your wall.

There are many other creative ways to get engagement on your Page, increase EdgeRank, and get your Target Audience’s attention. For example, try linking to other Brand Pages in your updates to get the attention of members of your audience who frequent other Facebook Pages (don’t do this with your competitors’ Pages!), or staging contests that require Fans to comment or “Like” something on your Page.